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CLA as Process: Mapping the Theory and Practice of the Multiple

June 30th, 2014  |  by  |  published in Holisms and Integrative Theories, Narrative Foresight, Psychology, Consciousness and the Future | Comments Off on CLA as Process: Mapping the Theory and Practice of the Multiple

by Marcus Bussey ABSTRACT This paper argues that Causal Layered Analysis aka CLA is a method of the multiple that offers a process–theory of knowledge that facilitates new becomings and alternative futures. It makes the case that agency and social learning are enhanced through understanding human contexts as layered and dynamic. To do so it draws […]

Postcards as Doorways

April 23rd, 2014  |  by  |  published in Case Studies, Futures Studies Methodologies, Narrative Foresight | Leave A Comment »

by Andrew Curry & Victoria Ward Introduction This essay is about the use of a particular type of found or constructed object – the postcard – as a device to enable dialogue in groups that allows participants to connect together past, present and futures, to build new stories about the future, and to put themselves in the […]

Extending the Scenario Horizon: Putting Narratives to Work

April 23rd, 2014  |  by  |  published in Futures Studies Theories, Narrative Foresight | Leave A Comment »

by Marcus Bussey Introduction The quest for agency lies at the heart of futures work. Vuokko Jarva in her lead article for this number suggests that a clearer conception and application of narrative futures may well offer practitioners a bridge between the inner work of futures that seeks to problematize all certainties and the ‘realities’ such […]

Tales of Our Tomorrows: Transmedia Storytelling and Communicating About the Future

April 23rd, 2014  |  by  |  published in Media, Communications and Foresight, Media, Communications and Foresight, Narrative Foresight | Leave A Comment »

by Peter von Stackelberg & Ruth Eira Jones ABSTRACT Foresight professionals and the futures field as a whole faces a series of challenges in communicating about the future. Simply presenting data and having a “rational” discussion is not enough to shape perceptions about the future and move people to action. The rapid evolution of digital media technology […]

Untangling Teachers’ Images of Their Futures Through Their Responses to the Futures Narratives of Children

April 23rd, 2014  |  by  |  published in Futures Education, Narrative Foresight | Leave A Comment »

by Debra Bateman ABSTRACT A significant amount of research has been undertaken exploring individuals’ images of a future. What often remains uninterrogated are the ways in which others’ respond to these images of a future, as they are articulated through narrative discourses. This paper, then, seeks to address this void through the presentation of research which […]

Creating Alternative Selves: The Use of Futures Discourse in Narrative Therapy

April 23rd, 2014  |  by  |  published in Narrative Foresight, narrative therapy, Psychology, Consciousness and the Future | Leave A Comment »

by Ivana Milojević ABSTRACT This article focuses on the field of narrative therapy which emerged in the 1990s (i.e. Angus and McLeod, 2004; Denborough, 2010; Monk et al 1996; Morgan, 2000; White, 2000) and investigates the use of futures discourse within it. Narrative therapy in psychology focuses on helping individuals to move away from unhelpful and […]

Introduction to Narrative For Futures Studies

April 23rd, 2014  |  by  |  published in Action Research and Organizational Learning, Narrative Foresight | Leave A Comment »

by Vuokko Jarva ABSTRACT This article is inspired by Michel Godet’s recent comment about the gap between scenarios and action. In sections two to six I study narrative’s dimensions as tool for filling the gap between anticipation and action. Finally I comment on the tellability of future and why narrative has great potential. I conclude with […]

Narrative and Futures Studies: Introduction by the Special Editor

April 23rd, 2014  |  by  |  published in Narrative Foresight, Special Issues and Symposia | Leave A Comment »

by Vuokko Jarva Introduction The narrative approach has recently begun to influence the futures studies field, as researchers have become more conscious of the communicative and transformative aspects of futures studies. As well, that the dominance of the Platonian view of knowledge as a solely rational activity is giving way to a more Aristotelian view, that […]

A Canticle for Mary Sue: What Transmedia Aesthetics might do for Futures Communication

March 24th, 2013  |  by  |  published in Art and Design, Narrative Foresight, Research in Progress | Comments Off on A Canticle for Mary Sue: What Transmedia Aesthetics might do for Futures Communication

by Zhan Li Introduction I am especially grateful to the Symposium organizers for challenging me to think about Aesthetics and Futures, and so driving me in new intellectual directions even before I arrived in Hawaii. The following isn’t a formal summary of refined ideas, but, rather, a sketch of these initial explorations.(continue…) View PDF

Futures of Ageing in Singapore

March 24th, 2013  |  by  |  published in Health Futures, Narrative Foresight, Sociology and Social Change Perspectives | Comments Off on Futures of Ageing in Singapore

by Wong Kai Wen ABSTRACT Singapore is one of the most rapidly ageing countries in the world with the proportion of those aged 65 and above projected to more than double from 8% in 2005 to 20% in 2030. This is due to a rapidly declining total fertility rate coupled with an increasing life expectancy as […]





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