Remedies to Global Crisis: “Allopathic” or “Homeopathic”? Metaphorical Complementarity of “Conventional” and “Alternative” Models

by Anthony Judge


Explores the metaphorical discourse regarding the “health” of economic and financial systems in the light of the discourse in health care concerning the appropriateness of conventional medical approaches in contrast with “alternative” or “complementary” therapies. Common to the discourse in both cases are forms of denial, deception and demonisation, as well as concerns with remedy, recovery and replicability. The question raised is whether, as in the case of health care, it is more fruitful to explore an appropriate mix of both conventional and alternative approaches to ensure the health of the global financial system. Chinese experience of such a mix in the case of health care is cited as a guide to possible future relevance to more effective approaches to the financial system.

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