Vol.19 No.4 June.2015

  • Articles
    • Asynchronous Online Foresight Panels: The Case of Wildfire Management
      David N. Bengston and Robert L. Olson (pp. 1 – 12)
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    • Borderless Industrial Denizenship: A Transformative Space for the Creation of Alternative Futures in Global Economic Migration
      Giovanni Di Lieto (pp. 13 – 30)
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    • Chaos Theory and Socio-Economic Renewal in Hungary
      Erzsébet Nováky and Miklós Orosz (pp. 31 -50 )
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    • Armed Conflict Versus Global Sustainable Development as Functions of Social Change
      Marta Botta and Aliasghar Abbasi (pp.51-72)
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    • Reformulating the Party-List Proportional Representatives to Proportional Future Generations
      Representatives: the Korean Case
      Yongseok Seo (pp. 73- 90)
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  • Reports
    • Asian Urbanization Futures: Nine Practitioner Recommendations
      Steven Gale, Teresa Leonardo, Mariko Sato and Joseph D’Cruz (pp. 91 – 102)
      Introduction | View PDF
    • Reflections on a Workshop on the Future of Higher Education for Knowledge Economy in Bangladesh
      Umar Sheraz and Hanifa Beg (pp.103-116)
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  • Book Review

    • A Review of Elina Hiltunen’s “Foresight and Innovation: How Companies are Coping with the
      Future” Palgrave, 2013.
      Reanna Browne (pp. 117)
      Introduction | View PDF