Vol.20 No.3 March.2016


Vol.20 No.4 June.2016


  • Journal of Futures Studies


  • Let’s Talk about Success: A Proposed Foresight Outcomes Framework for Organizational Futurists
  • The Effects of Scenario Planning on Participant Decision-Making Style: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Four Companies
  • Between the Myth of Development and the Development of Myth: Futures of Islamic Banking in the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Human Microevolution in Outer Space
  • Bewextra: Creating and Inferring Explicit Knowledge of Needs in Organizations


  • Applying CLA to Technology Planning Old “American West Style” Web Homesteading
    — Exploring Metaphoric Allegories to Enrich Four Internet Sustainability Scenarios

Vol.21 No.1 September.2016


  • Journal of Futures Studies


  • Images of the Future: Perspectives of Students from Barcelona
  • Using CLA to Deconstruct Current Scholarly Views on Corporate Accountability to Community
  • An Analysis of Queensland City Futures Initiatives: Using CLA to Analyse Processes of Planning and Engagement
  • Delving into the Future of Iran’s English Language Teaching in Light of Technology
  • Remember Icarus! Seven Risks that Threaten Business Schools


  • How ‘Development’ Promotes Redundant Visions: The Case of the Queen’s Wharf Casino Project, Brisbane


  • The European Union Institute for Security Studies Arab Futures Report: A Review


  • Flavors of Practice: Developing the Asia Pacific Futures Network

Vol.21 No.2 December.2016


  • Journal of Futures Studies


  • Mapping Planning and Engagement Systems Applied by Four Queensland City Futures Initiatives: How City Futures Tools and Methods Engage Across Multiple Contexts
  • Youth Bulge: Demographic Dividend, Time Bomb, and other Futures
  • Anybody out there? The Future of Tax
  • Neo-collectivist Consciousness as a Driver of Transformative Sociocultural Change
  • Service as a Value for Reorienting Higher Education?


  • Forecasts of Artificial Intelligence and Future Jobs in 2030:Muddling Through Likely, with Two Alternative Scenarios
  • Children on the Move