Digital Editing Team

JFS Digital is an initiative of the Journal of Futures Studies established by Heather Frey, John Sweeney, and Jose Ramos, with the support of Sohail Inayatullah and the JFS community.

The JFS digital team is tasked with exploring, discovering and exploiting opportunities for the  use of digital, virtual, social and interactive approaches to connecting with new audiences and co-creators.

So far JFS Digital has created a regular digital exhibit that highlights cutting edge  digital, design and multimedia futures projects. It has also conducted several live online interactive experiences with journal authors.

Team members are involved in implementing these existing digital media strategies as well as brainstorming and prototyping new digital media strategies with the potential for high impact.

Team members

Heather Frey, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Political Science, Graduate Student (overall coordination, digital exhibits)

John A. Sweeney, Deputy Director, Centre for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies (overall coordination, digital exhibits)

Jose M. Ramos, Senior Consulting Editor, Journal of Futures Studies (overall coordination)

Ali Montazami, Graduate Student, Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University (website and videos)

Rok Kranjc, University of Utrecht, Sustainable Development & Environmental Governance, MSc (blog support, prototyping)

Melanie Starr (social media)

Tania Kennedy (digital exhibits)

Umar Sheraz (blog coordination) – Senior Research Officer, Centre for Policy Studies, COMSATS University, Pakistan
Noriko Wynn