Vol.20 No.2 Dec.2015


  • Introduction to the Special Issue on Science Fiction and Futures Studies
    Tom Lombardo  & José M. Ramos
    (pp. 1 – 4)
    Introduction | View PDF


    • Science Fiction: The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future
      Tom Lombardo
      (pp. 5-24)
      Abstract | View PDF
    • What in the World? Storyworlds, Science Fiction, and Futures Studies
      Peter von Stackelberg & Alex McDowell
      Abstract | View PDF
    • Chasing Black Swans through Science Fiction: Surprising Future Events in the Stories of a Finnish Writing Competition
      Toni Ahlqvist & Tuomo Uotila & Olli Hietanen
      (pp. 47-66)
      Abstract View PDF
    • Science Fiction and Bodies of the Future: Alternative Gender Realities in Hollywood Cinema
      Rocío Carrasco & Mercedes García Ordaz  & Francisco José Martínez López
      (pp. 67-80 )
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    • Forcing the Design of Fictional Futures: From Theory to Cases Implementation
      Patrick Corsi
      (pp. 81-104 )
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  • Impact Assessment and Science Fiction: Complementary Ways to Ask “What happens if…?” and the Delineation of a New Sub-genre
    Ruth-Ellen L. Miller
    (pp.105-112 )
    Introduction | View PDF
  • Imagining the Impossible: The Shifting Role of Utopian Thought in Civic Planning, Science Fiction, and Futures Studies
    Paul Graham Raven
    (pp.113-122 )
    Introduction | View PDF
  • Olaf Stapledon: Personal Reflections on Cosmic Inspiration from a Pioneering Visionary
    Oliver Markley
    (pp.123-132 )
    Introduction | View PDF
  • The Wrath of Gaia vs. the Second Coming of Science: Beyond Interstellar’s Dualistic Narrative
    José M. Ramos
    (pp. 133-140)
    Introduction | View PDF

Book Review

  • Wellspring of Optimism, a Review of “Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future”
    Lynda Sampson
    (pp. 141 – 144)
    Introduction | View PDF