Vol. 18 No. 4 Jun. 2014

  • Articles
    • Collaborative Futures: Integrating Foresight with Design in Large Scale Innovation Processes-Seeing and Seeding the Futures of Europe
      Angela Wilkinson, Martin Mayer& Verena Ringler (pp. 1 – 26)
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      The Futures of Islamic Banking in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
      Nedal El-Ghattis (pp. 27 – 44)
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      CLA as Process: Mapping the Theory and Practice of the Multiple
      Marcus Bussey (pp. 45 – 58)
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      Using Causal Layered Analysis to Understand the Alliance between Social Workers with Their Professional Association
      Gilbert Fan& Joan N. W. Khng (pp. 59 – 76)
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      The Effects of Scenario Planning on Antecedents to Participant Engagement at Work
      Helen Allison Hawkins& Thomas J. Chermack (pp. 77 – 92)
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  • Reports
    • Law Enforcement Leadership for a Changing World
      Michael Outram, Rainer Brenner, Dougal McClelland& Anders Dorph (pp. 93 – 106)
      Introduction | View PDF
      Executive Summary of the 2013‑14 State of the Future
      Jerome Glenn (pp. 107 – 118)
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      From Crops to Care: The Changing Nature of Health Care in Rural Australia
      Willow Pryor (pp. 119 – 130)
      Introduction | View PDF
      The Open Futures Library: One Step Toward a Global Foresight Commons
      Gareth Priday, Tim Mansfield& José Ramos (pp. 131 – 142)
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