Vol.23 No.1 Sept. 2018


Introduction to the special issue on Africa’s futures
Julius Gatune
(PP. 1-4)
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Using Futures Studies Methodologies to Explore the Economic Participation of the Older Cohorts of South Africa’s Population Towards 2030
André Roux and Doris Viljoen
(PP. 5-22)
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Exploring the Futures of Agricultural Research and Innovations (ARI) Systems in Africa
Oluwabunmi Ajilore and Oluwole A Fatunbi
(PP. 23-36)
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Challenging Human Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa: Reconstructing the Narrative of Human Trafficking for the Creation of a More Enabling Environment in 2037
Ricardo-Raymond Schnug
(PP. 37-54)
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Building Resilient Societies in Africa for the Future: Conceptual Considerations and Possible Resilience Constituents
Raymond Tutu and Janice D. Busingye
(PP. 55-76)
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Information Warfare as Future Weapon of Mass-disruption, Africa 2030s Scenarios
Rianne van Vuuren
(PP. 77-94)
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Forging A New Future: Africa and her Diaspora
Clifford C. Campbell
(PP. 95-100)
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Africa’s to Lose
X. N. Iraki
(PP. 101-104)
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The Future of Africa – Not What it Used to Be
Otto Kroesen
(PP. 105-114)
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Social Innovations Shaping North Africa’s Future- Reflection and Synthesis
Nisreen Lahham and Julius Gatune
(PP. 115-126)
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African Futures 2035: Key Trends
Julia Bello-Schünemann, Jakkie Cilliers, Zachary Donnenfeld, Ciara Aucoin and Alex Porter
(PP. 127-140)
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