Vol.23 No.3 March 2019

Design by Ali Montazami using images of JFS March 2019


Introduction to the Special Issue: Design and Futures (Vol. I)
Stuart Candy and Cher Potter
(PP. 1-2)
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Turning Foresight Inside Out: An Introduction to Ethnographic Experiential Futures
Stuart Candy and Kelly Kornet
(PP. 3-22)
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Politics of Designing Visions of the Future
Ramia Mazé
(PP. 23-38)
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Crafting Spaces Between Design and Futures: The Case of the Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform
Cher Potter, DK Osseo-Asare and Mugendi K. M’Rithaa
(PP. 39-56)
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Strategic Foresight Studio: A First-Hand Account of an Experiential Futures Course
Jake Dunagan, Alida Draudt, JJ Hadley, Ryan Hogan, Leticia Murray, Gregory Stock and Julia Rose West
(PP. 57-74)
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Designing Futures From the Inside
Anne Burdick
(PP. 75-92)
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Essays And Interviews

How the Future Happens
James Auger and Julian Hanna
(PP. 93–98)
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Critical Activism
Anab Jain and Stuart Candy
(PP. 99–104)
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Storytelling Shapes the Future
Alex McDowell
(PP. 105–112)
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I Design Worlds
Liam Young and Stuart Candy
(PP. 113–118)
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Anticipating Future System States
Jamer Hunt
(PP. 119–128)
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A Manifesto for Decolonising Design
Decolonising Design Collective: Danah Abdulla, Ahmed Ansari, Ece Canlı, Mahmoud Keshavarz, Matthew Kiem, Pedro Oliveira, Luiza Prado and Tristan Schultz
(PP. 129–132)
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