Virtual Symposium on Reimagining Politics After the Election of Trump


Welcome to the JFS Virtual Symposium landing page. Here you’ll find basic information on the virtual symposium.

This symposium was born in an effort to draw upon the strengths of futures studies and related perspectives perspectives: a critical assessment of images of the future, an understanding of macro-history and the longue durée (long term social change processes), the role of worldviews and narratives. In short the challenge for authors and interviewees was twofold: on the one hand explain the Trump phenomenon from a long term historical perspective, revealing deeper patterns and processes, and on the other hand begin to articulate some new strategic pathways and possibilities given this new understanding.

The symposium PDF is available HERE.

The complete list of articles is available HERE.

The online symposium had three separate session times across the 8th and 9th of June 2017:

  • Pacific session – hosted by Heather Frey

  • Eurasia session – hosted by John Sweeney

  • Atlantic session – hosted by Jose Ramos

Session 1:  PACIFIC


Session 2: EURASIA 

Session 3: ATLANTIC 


In addition to the virtual symposium, we also made a number of recorded interviews prior to the sessions to stimulate interest and thinking.

Dr. Tim Dolan



Dr. Sohail Inayatullah

Dr. Mike McAllum

Dr. Jose Ramos





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