Vol.20 No.4 June.2016


  • Articles
    • Let’s Talk about Success: A Proposed Foresight Outcomes Framework for Organizational Futurists
      Andy Hines (pp. 1- 20)
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    • The Effects of Scenario Planning on Participant Decision-Making Style: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Four Companies
      Ralph Bodin and Thomas J. Chermack and Laura M. Coons (pp. 21 – 40)
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    • Between the Myth of Development and the Development of Myth: Futures of Islamic Banking in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
      Nedal El-Ghattis (pp. 41 – 60)
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    • Human Microevolution in Outer Space
      Arthur Saniotis and Maciej Henneberg and Galawej Ebrahimi (pp.61 – 78)
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    • Bewextra: Creating and Inferring Explicit Knowledge of Needs in Organizations
      Alexander Kaiser and Florian Kragulj (pp. 79- 98)
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  • Essay

    • Applying CLA to Technology Planning Old “American West Style” Web Homesteading
      — Exploring Metaphoric Allegories to Enrich Four Internet Sustainability Scenarios
      Maureen Rhemann (pp. 99 – 106)
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