Vol.21 No.2 Dec 2016


Mapping Planning and Engagement Systems Applied by Four Queensland City Futures Initiatives: How City Futures Tools and Methods Engage Across Multiple Contexts
Colin Russo
(Page 1-20)
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Youth Bulge: Demographic Dividend, Time Bomb, and other Futures
Sohail Inayatullah
(Page 21-34)
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Anybody out there? The Future of Tax
Gitte Heij
(Page 35-50)
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Neo-collectivist Consciousness as a Driver of Transformative Sociocultural Change
Marta Botta
(Page 51-70)
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Service as a Value for Reorienting Higher Education?
Marcus Bussey
(Page 71-82)
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Forecasts of Artificial Intelligence and Future Jobs in 2030: Muddling Through Likely, with Two Alternative Scenarios
William Halal, Jonathan Kolber and Owen Davies
(Page 83-96)
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Children on the Move
Liam Mayo
(Page 97-106)
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