Vol.23 No.2 Dec. 2018


All Revolutions Are Equal; But Some Are More Equal Than Others
Michael McAllum
(PP. 1-12)
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Scenarios for ICT-related Education: A Qualitative Meta-analysis
Dhoya Snijders, Patrick van der Duin, Vincent Marchau and Gerben Janssen van Doorn
(PP. 13-28)
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Towards an Explicit Research Methodology: Adapting Research Onion Model for Futures Studies
Aleksandras Melnikovas
(PP. 29-44)
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Students’ Abilities to Envision Scenarios of Urban Futures
Iris Pauw, Tine Béneker, Joop van der Schee and Rob van der Vaart
(PP. 45-66)
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The Emergence of Open Construction Systems: A Sustainable Paradigm in the Construction Sector?
Christina Priavolou
(PP. 67-84)
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Exploring Asymmetry to Detect Disruption
Maureen Rhemann
(PP. 85-99)
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Book Reviews

A Review of Leonardo Caffo and Azzurra Muzzonigro’s “Costruire Futuri: Migrazioni, Città, Immaginazioni”
Steven Umbrello
(PP. 101-104)
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Review of Cliquet, R. and D. Avramov (2018), “Evolution Science and Ethics in the Third Millennium – Challenges and Choices for Humankind”
Kris Thienpont
(PP. 105-107)
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