Reinventing the Wheel: Common Sense and Responsibility in Futures Studies

by Jordi Serra


Very few times have I liked so much an article I have disagreed with so deeply. Molitor’s paper poses a puzzling combination of much needed common sense with, what I believe to be, misleading inaccuracies. The part that I have really enjoyed is that in which we can benefit from Molitor extensive experience regarding what works and what doesn’t. I would even say that all those lines in which he stresses the fact that there is very little novelty under the sun should be a required reading for futurists (or wannabe ones), because our discipline is plagued with the cyclical reinvention of the wheel. I also appreciated the criticism about what has been the real impact of the discipline, a reality check that we should keep in mind. Yet I’m not so sure about the implicit bitterness in it (although I’m eager to accept that this may not be Molitor’s intention and it is just my reading of it).

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