“Generation Screwed” – Are US youths opting or being forced out of society?

by Janet Faulkner


In the future, it is plausible that the creative class will continue to surge with economic dominance while driving demand and fueling financial support in the creation of smart cities. During this technological advancement, what are the plausible futures for the growing group of young citizens labeled NEET (Lee, 2011) (not in education, employment, or training)? Since the early 2000’s, the creative class, the workforce consisting of “engineers, artist, scientist and educators” (as defined by Richard Florida), has gained momentum becoming the “second largest occupational group” in the U.S. (Gabe, 2012). The spatial proximity of creative class citizens is relatively tight and often is engulfed by human-centric space, shops and businesses. Surging alongside this group is the technological infusion of business-tobusiness and human-to-object hyper connectivity.(continue…)

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