Addressing Culturality: Exploring Alternative and more Authentic Routes for (Australian) Higher Education Organizations

by José W.I.M. van den Akke


This article draws partly from the author’s PhD thesis titled ‘Understanding and Working with the  Dynamics in Cross-Cultural Education. It further builds on her personal experiences as a Culturally  and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) migrant studying and lecturing in Australian higher education  institutions. From a futurist and complexity theory perspective it is argued that many do not appear to  be learning but colonizing organizations, and their ‘ethical role’ may need to be reviewed, based on  an ethics of co-creativity and autopoiesis and from the perspective of higher education as a capacity  building process. As the dynamics of a system do not tend toward stasis or equilibrium but toward  far-from-equilibrium conditions, it is crucial to explore possible, probable and preferable futures to  form a more desirable ‘attractor basin’. The author reflects briefly on her experiences as a member  of a learning organisation to demonstrate that in addition to individual learning, collective learning  offers an appropriate avenue for scholarly evolution in the context of cultural pluralism and diversity.

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