Futures 101 for the Top Guns

by Umar Sheraz


The first thing which you notice in the room is the number of “wrist watch” participants  in the room ( it’s been a long time since I have seen a group of young men wear wrist  watches). But this has to do both with punctuality as well as the banning of mobile phones  (during duty) by the air force. Military establishments around the world are struggling to  find a way to monitor and prevent their acting soldiers from “becoming broadcast stations”  (Be’er, 2013). For the Pakistan military, the challenge is multifold; it has external enemies  as well as an increasingly hardened foe in the shape of terrorism, which is hitting Pakistan  hard. As a security precaution, the Pakistan Air force has responded by banning all forms of  social media like Facebook (at the time of writing, YouTube is banned in Pakistan).(continue…)

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