The World Futures Studies Federation celebrates 40 years – Bucharest 2013

by Aubrey Yee


Some 29 hours and several airport transfers later, I found myself magically transported  from Honolulu, Hawai’i to Bucharest, Romania. I was one of several futurists who had  made the trek from Hawai’i to attend the bi-annual World Futures Studies Federation  Conference. This was an important year as the federation celebrated it’s 40th anniversary.  Despite a healthy dose of jet lag, I arrived just in time for the opening cocktail reception  and I was carried on the adrenaline of being able to mingle with some of the world’s most  accomplished and intelligent futurists. Under a balmy Romanian sky at the Intercontinental  Hotel we gathered that first evening to begin what would prove to be an inspiring and  challenging week ahead.(continue…)

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