Gaming Futures: To Experience Scenarios Through Teatro Del Devenir


Theater is a powerful pedagogical tool. As an experiential methodology of Future Studies Teatro del Devenir (which roughly translates to ‘Theater of Becoming’ or ‘Forward Theatre’), allows people to explore scenarios as stories through first-hand activities. It is based on a breathing-body-voice warm-up that helps connect with oneself and experience spiritual insights. Participants get into a simulation, a rehearsal of what they could think, feel and behave in light of future situations in a given subject: theater techniques are utilized towards final stage performances. Under this method, long-term vision, the narrative of futures, storytelling, emotional intelligence and decision making are applied, among other elements. All this becomes meaningful learning: training actors of action (not of acting). The theory becomes transcendent and is a start for students to be prospective, not only to practice Future Studies.* This methodology, which has been put into practice with young adults, adults and some elders, has allowed them to “get out of the box”, connect with their inner-child, integrate, empower their being, stimulate their brain and all their senses in non-conventional ways. Introspection is highly accomplished in a fun way; affection and socialization take place during the learning process. The biggest challenge is oneself.

Keywords: Forward theater, Teatro del devenir, Theater of becoming, Psychoprospective, Futuretherapy, Transformaction, Playful teaching, Meaningful learning. “Prospective” is the term used in Latin America when referring to Future Studies.

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