Alternative Futures for Convenience Store Management in Asia: An E-Business Perspective

by Yin-Chieh Hsu and Hui-Ling Huang


Technological progress promotes economic growth and hence increases mobility. Our primary emphasis is to demonstrate alternative futures for convenience store (mobility issue) in Asia (economic growth issue) from an e-business perspective (technological progress issue). These three issues are related, but they are not the same. The Internet changes the shopping habit of the consumer; accordingly, derives an impact on an organization’s management modes. We present two case studies on 7-Eleven in Japan and Taiwan to show the development of integrating in-store and on-line activities as their new business model. The findings of the case study support the argument that market environment and resource of enterprise are crucial to determine the success of transforming to a new business model. By comparing the two modes, this paper provides alternative futures for conventional retailers in Asia to develop their own e-commerce structure.

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