Report on the Conference: Global Soul, Global Mind, and Global Action- Futuring from Survival to Thrival

by Christopher B. Jones


Some forty presenters and 120 students, faculty, and visitors attended the international conference “Global Soul, Global Mind and Global Action – Futuring from Survival to Thrival,” November 5-7, 2005 at Tamkang University, in Tamsui and Taipei, Taiwan. Headliners included Global Soul author Pico Iyer, internationallyrecognized scholar and Club of Budapest founder Ervin Laszlo, and many well-known international futurists such as Ashis Nandy, Walter Truett Anderson, Richard Slaughter, Clement Bezold, and others. Tamkang University President Flora Cha-I Chang and Tamkang University Founder Clement P. Chang, opened the conference program, followed by a panel of representatives from international educational and futures organizations.(continue…)

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