Creating New Spaces for Transformation: A Response to Richard Slaughter

by Marcus Anthony


Richard Slaughter has made some strong points and arguments in his reflections upon my “NotsoIntegral Futures” article, but appears to have misunderstood my overall intention. Here I will address a few points he made and add a few more insights of my own on the subject.
Firstly, the article was not meant to be an extensive critique of post-conventional futures studies and Integral Futures as a whole. It was made in reference to what I saw and experienced at that conference in November 2005, as was made clear in the article. I took a sometimes light-hearted look at events (and myself) in a deliberate attempt to invite some gentle and unthreatening self-reflection. It was not a criticism of Richard Slaughter’s work or the academic work being done at the Australian Foresight Institute or elsewhere. Of course, I made reference to possible implications for Integral and post-conventional Futures – but based predominantly upon my experience at that conference. This was my intention above all else – to express an introspective account of some sense of guilt I felt at many conference participants and myself having missed an opportunity to engage Michio Kaku at a more intimate level. I felt there was a deeper symbolism and resonance that lay behind the events of those few days.(continue…)

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