Learning to Live in Toxic Nature (Toxicus Natura)


Studies suggest 2°C of global warming by 2050, locked in by human behaviour, will contemporaneously precipitate a range of other negative environmental reactions. The planet’s inhabitants must accept the resultant potentially existential disconnect and an unalterable, increasingly toxic, nature. This essay argues an alternative framing. It explores the thinking (ontology) and knowledge (epistemology) these challenges present and explores the opportunities available for future safe operating spaces if a ‘plurality of world making’ is preferred over a deteriorating, hegemonic, Western way of knowing in which many are embedded. Thus, it aims to become a small part of a global narrative of ‘beneficial escape’.

Keywords: Toxic nature, Reframing, Pluriverse, Alternative understandings, Post capitalism, Mythology of nature, Post agency, Epistemicide, Techno-optimism, Hyperobjects, Interrelationality, Alternative reality.

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