Applying Intuitive Methods in Explorations of Preferred Futures

by Ruth-Ellen L. Miller


Western Industrial culture has trained us to ignore our inner knowing and intuitive
senses in favor of purely “rational” thought processes. Yet one of the major shifts we’re
experiencing in this culture today is an increasing acceptance of the validity of intuitive
The root meaning of the word Intuition is “teaching from within,” and elders and
spiritual teachers across the ages have stated that much of what we really need to know
about ourselves and the world around us can be learned more effectively by “going
within” than by listening to others. An exploration of the literature – both experimental and
experiential – provides a few simple principles which encourage consistency in this kind of
intuitive awareness.
Applying these principles on a regular basis has been demonstrated anecdotally, and
appears experimentally, to provide significant enhancement of analytical decision-making
processes and can therefore lead to more effective implementation of plans for the future.

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