Ways to Sense Diversity


by Dr. Phillip Daffara

I have created this short video based on a recent PechaKucha talk I gave in Noosa. From my personal and professional experience, I share the thinking tools and design strategies I use to help me look past the cultural cage I grew up in. The cultural cage of modernity with the image of the ënlightened” Vitruvian man at its centre.

These tools were gathered like shells from various shores – philosophy, futures studies, cultural studies and design. Thanks to my some of my mentors such as Sohail Inayatullah (watch out for him on the yellow research vessel), Fritjof Capra and Ken Wilber.

Earthlings, surrender your restrictive weapons,

those limiting armatures that cage your minds,

Isolating diverse voices in seconds,

within closed chambers, their echoes kept in binds.

Sameness for security – no new heavens.

Imagine all the people, Earthlings unwind,

loosening their own fears in solidarity,

to seek compassion amongst diversity.

Ottava Rima Poem by Phillip Daffara (2018)



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Dr. Phillip Daffara is an architect and lifelong scholar of urban futures with 25+ years experience in place making, public participation and policy development for quality urbanism. This article was originally published on LinkedIn and had been republished with permission of the author.


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