Coming of Age in the Heart : Cultural Evolution and the Initiation of Our Time

by Anodea Judith

The human race is reaching a critical turning point. On center stage, world events focus attention like never before. Dramas that were once local have now become global. The audience stirs, over six billion strong and still growing exponentially, peeking out from every corner of the globe. Some watch anxiously, with baited breath, others are still sleeping or barely awake, still rubbing their eyes. From living room televisions, car radios, newspapers, magazines, and the World Wide Web, countless individuals are drawn toward the unfolding collective drama, bearing witness to humanity’s current rite of passage.

As we meet for coffee, for dinner, for walks, business meetings, or romantic dates, the conversation buzzes, like an audience murmuring between acts. What will happen next? What should be done? What’s wrong? Who’s right? How do we find our way through? Even those who live outside the theater, far removed from the continual broadcast of western civilization – they too are impacted by the actions taking place on center stage. (continue…)

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