Energy Futures for The Long-Term

by Graham T.T. Molitor


Controlled thermonuclear fusion, holding the potential for unlimited energy needs, will usher in a New Atomic Age. Based on virtually limitless hydrogen, this key energy sector stands on the threshold of becoming another job and revenue generating mainspring of advanced economies. Hydrogen constitutes 76% of all mass in the universe and 93% of the total number of atoms throughout the universe. Earth’s solar system itself consists of 70.68% hydrogen, most of it in the sun and the giant gas planets. There’s so much hydrogen around, that meeting Earth’s energy requirements really won’t have anything to worry about, ever. Learning how to control the hydrogen-helium cycle that fuels Earth’s sun, humans soon will master controlled energy extraction from their own “star furnaces.” Thermonuclear technologies will dominate the economy after the few remaining obstacles to controlling fusion are overcome. (continue…)

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