The Appreciative Perspective of the Future

by Rosa Alegria


The ethics of the positive must be a value that guides futures research for the re-enchantment of society, as we are living in a period of transition without utopia. A growing disenchantment with traditional theories of change, especially those based on human deficit is giving way to more constructive, life-affirming and strengthbased perspectives. The call for innovation and sustainable development in fast-moving transitional societies like Brazil is creating the impetus toward greater collaboration with people, groups and organizations in more constructive and spirited ways. Constructionist approaches to exploring and creating social futures like “Appreciative Inquiry” are helping organizations and individuals conceptualize the possibilities they have to create, plan and anticipate alternative futures in more empowered ways. This paper aims to demonstrate this through theory and examples of how Brazilian organizations are increasingly involved with such methods that form a positive core of change strongly synergetic with the energy and optimism that prevails throughout Brazilian culture.(continue…)

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