Russian Philosophical Cosmology: One Step Backward and Two Steps Forward-Approaching the Universal Evolutionary Future

by Konstantin S. Khroutski


During the Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference in Tsukuba, Professor Hyakudai Sakamoto, a leading Eastern expert in bioethics, while presenting his outlook for the future development of global bioethics, proclaimed the fundamental necessity of “a new humanism without human-centrism”, as a overriding way in harmonizing (or, “bargaining”) “every kind of antagonistic values on the Globe”. In his exploration Prof. Sakamoto necessarily transcends the area of epistemic reasoning (the area of Western episteme itself, inasmuch as he definitely rejects its cornerstone principles: anthropocentrism and rational foundation of ethics on the whole) and enters the emergent level of the epistematic creative work (by comparing the different epistemes or creating a new episteme).(continue…)

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