Towards Global Assessment of Innovative Projects: The MagicEye Method

by Patrick Corsi


This article and its associated “MagicEye” tool describe a method for assessing the value of a collective project, for instance a running partners based project or proposal, a R&D program or any socio-economic dynamics that behaves as an identifiable system owned by stakeholders. The value is analyzed in a cohesive, multi-dimensional way and the cohesion is obtained from the inherent structural polarization of the dimensions to be analyzed. Gauging scales enable the quantification of the assessment, hence the possibility to compare such collective projects between themselves. Beyond the immediate analytical observations and comparisons obtained, this method is unique in bringing a “gestalt-mapping” that enhances the global value of a complex, multi-faceted project under observation, and hence enables a decision process at a high level, without having to resort to exclusively analytical methods.

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