The Evolutionary Time of Awakening: Do We Need a Third (neither Eastern, nor Western) Way in the World Evolution?

by Konstantin S. Khroutski


In my previous work on Russian philosophical cosmology (Khroutski, 2005) I have already attempted to substantiate some ‘principia’ (beginnings) for the advancement and realization of a new – Third – macro-trend in the world cultural evolution (of real and rational Cosmism), of original essence in relation both to the existing Eastern (holistic, but ACosmist1) and Western (anthropocentric and AntiCosmist) worldwide civilizational2 paradigms. The significant aim of this continuing essay consists, however, not only in the further development of the Cosmist issue but, concurrently, I strive now to substantiate the real challenge itself for a new macro-trend (independently of my own preferences) in the world evolution. My term ‘Cosmist’ means, basically, the wholeness and organic nature of the world (macrocosm), and a man’s3 (microcosm, that refers equally to any other subject4 of the life on Earth, from an organic molecule to mankind) – its/her/his – functionalist, i.e. deliberate and expedient, integration into the world whole or Cosmos.(continue…)

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