The Next 50 Years for Malaysia: An Inquiry Using Alternative Futures Methods

by Azhari-Karim


Knowing what Malaysians really want in the next fifty years requires futures thinking. While the 12th General Elections showed the people’s desires the Futurist will see the following as drivers of change in the future: the National Coalition (Barisan Nasional) model of Governance is no longer tenable; the Monarchy system is reasserting itself; the Alternative Media is catching on; wealth distribution is to be based on ‘all for one and one for all’ principle and the identity of the state is global in outlook. We can also anticipate the following trends: the rising force of Islam; the coalition of ‘foreign workers’ as the new Opposition in Government; China to have special relationship with Malaysia and the new apex of power between Brunei, Singapore and Bangkok will impact on Malaysia’s economic future. Several alternative futures scenarios are suggested.

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