Technological Singularity and Transcendental Monism: Co-producers of Sustainable Alternative Futures

by Jan H. Naude


The need for a fusion between technological singularity and transcendental monism is posited as the best compromise for sustainable alternative futures. Four possible futures could emanate from a combination of two types of technological progress and metaphysical monism: (a) Technological singularity and material monism could lead to the end of humanity as we know it and usher in the era of transhumanism. (b) Linear change and material monism could lead to an extrapolation of the present into the current future, i.e. development and under-development, haves and have-nots, ecological-environmental unsustainability. (c) Linear change and transcendental monism could lead to consciousness as the dominant causal reality in a low-technological world with sustainable naturalism. (d) Technological singularity and transcendental monism could lead to completely new futures where higher conscious humans use technology (innovation) as a means for sustainable higher order living expandable to the universe as a whole.

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