The Future Has Arrived: Forecasts of the 2015 Economic Boom

by William E. Halal


The financial collapse of 2008 and it’s cascading business failures is certainly daunting, but the truly frightening thing is that the financial meltdown is part of a larger “global crisis of maturity” – energy shortages, climate change, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and other yet unforeseen threats that are escalating as accelerating technological change and globalization strain old systems to the breaking point. These mega-crises are interrelated elements of a failing global order that looks like a train wreck in slow motion. If not sub-prime mortgages, some other flaw in today’s aging economic system would likely have caused roughly the same failures. Just as the collapse of Communism resulted from an over-controlled planned economy, today’s “collapse of Capitalism” is the result of an under-controlled market economy.(continue…)

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