Can One Parameter Provide the Key to the Understanding of Natural Phenomena? Can There Be a Starting Theory to Explain Everything?

by Dong Bong Yang


In SI units that we universally use today, it is possible to multiply and divide among different units, yet it is not possible to add or subtract. For instance, people never opt to ask what the sum of time, mass and temperature is. Length (m), area (m2) and volume (m3) cannot be directly compared among one another and you get nowhere if the dimension of angle is added here. This perception has held true up till now. I have spent the past 16 years, investigating the relationship among physical quantities/constants and patterns of experimental data, etc. and trying to identify the hidden link among and between all of them. I figured out that the problem of measurement lay beneath many dilemmas we were faced with. The so-called Zero Zone theory, a physics theory, is concerned with a number system that can convert units themselves into pure numbers, in order to resolve the lacking compatibility of SI units.(continue…)

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