Plato's Noble Lie and the Imaginary Number i: An Introduction to the Zero Zone System of Measurement in the Context of Plato's Republic and the Laws

by Timothy Desmond


The monetary system translates incommensurable commodities (such as apples and oranges) into economic exchange values based on numeric ratios of $1. Similarly, the Zero Zone System of measurement (ZZS), invented by Mr. Yang, Dong-Bong, translates all 7 of the SI units of measurement Le Système International d’Unités: meter (m), kilogram (kg), second (s), ampere (A), Kelvin (K), mol (mol) and candela (cd) into pure numbers based on ratios of 1 photon, which he also equates with the mental act of each measurement. The photon is the basic unit of electromagnetic radiation, which is equivalent to matter according to Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2. Quantum physicists furthermore discovered that an act of measurement, the basic unit of the mind, is required to “collapse” the quantum “wave of probability” into a particular photon.(continue…)

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