Asia's Exotic Futures in the Far beyond the Present

by Vahid V. Motlagh


This paper attempts to deconstruct and challenge the dominant discourses with regard to the longer term futures of Asia. First the mentality of reviving the shining past as well as paying attention to the GDP growth rate in the race of the East to take over the position of leaders from the West is reviewed. An association is made between a memorable metaphor and the scenario of reviving the shining past. Then some guidelines are introduced and applied to the far ahead futures of Asia including a) violating old implicit assumptions by applying what if mechanism, b) identifying and articulating distinct value systems, and c) detecting weak signals that may hint to the next mainstream. Four scenarios are built within the rationale of transformation scenario. The aim is to do exotic futures studies and to create alternative images. Such images not only may help shift the identity of future Asians but also influence today decisions and actions of both Asians and non Asians.

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