Energy Foresight Pakistan: Lessons from Energy Expert Panel meetings

by Badar Sultan Minhas


An energy foresight under the Technology Foresight project was carried out to discuss viable technologies for the sustainable development of the energy sector in Pakistan, keeping in view the time horizon of 1015 years i.e. 2020-2025. STEEP-V approach was used for collection of opinions, policies and projects for future energy needs. More than 20 experts participated in the STEEP-V brainstorming sessions having affiliations with R & D organizations, Ministry of Water and Power, researchers and professors in universities, NGO and private sector organizations. STEEPV which is an acronym for (Social, Technological, Environmental, Economic, Political and Values) is an internationally recognized tool for brainstorming used in conducting Technology Foresight worldwide. Most of the experts focused on indigenous solutions for meeting future energy requirements rather than importing the technologies. The main focus was on the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency/conservation. Greater emphasis in this regard was on energy education and ensuring support and incentives for research and development in the energy sector.

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