Consciousness and the Physical World: Ontological Reflections on Michael Towsey's "The Emergence of Subtle Organism"

by Thomas Lombardo


Significantly inspired by the writings of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, Michael Towsey, in his article “The Emergence of Subtle Organism,” presents a comprehensive ontology (theory of reality) and epistemology (theory of knowledge) that he applies to science, both in its present form and its potential and preferable future evolution. More specifically, he critiques what he takes to be the dominant paradigm in contemporary science, one that he identifies as “materialist monism” (which contains both ontological and epistemological dimensions) and which he finds too limiting in scope. Towsey proposes an alternative paradigm grounded in Sarkar’s ideas on the mind-matter spectrum, microvita, and our future cognitive evolution.(continue…)

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