Microvita and Other Spaces: Deepening Research through Intuitional Practice

by Marcus Bussey


The concept of microvita was first introduced to me in December 1987. I was visiting India and heard Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar discussing it with a large audience. Everyone seemed excited and bemused. What was it all about? This bemused look comes over people today when the concept comes up in conversation. Microvita acts as a category of ‘otherness’ that seems to flag something important and yet it is so hard to pin down. I think Derrida is pointing to this kind of space within the rational where other forms of language and expression grope towards alternative epistemic configurations that allow us to access quite other domains in our attempt to understand this world of ours. It is, as Nicolescu points out, a matter of working across perceptual domains which require alternative forms of representation. We, the perceivers, need to shift both our reasoning and our perceiving to accommodate an idea that still largely occupies a space beyond our civilisational horizon.(continue…)

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