Creating Futures Movement One Step at a Time

by Kuo-Hua Chen


The disastrous consequences of the global megacrisis we are very likely facing in the coming years were caused mostly by human activities over many years of development. Resolving it will require a deeper and wider transformation of our value systems, rather than a quick fix. Such a transformational change may require the questioning and modification of deeply held value systems about working, living and learning. While Halal and Marien have done a thorough literature review on trends driving the megacrisis, I found the most meaningful as well as convincing means to be “Forces of Social Change” on the list of trends resolving the megacrisis. The forces of social change could also be a catalyst for creating corresponding futures movements in accelerating the use of alternative energy, introducing new powerful forms of communication and developing green cities. To create an alternative culture of social learning for sustainability, new and emerging perspectives from a variety of marginal, radical and unconventional groups has to be encouraged. While we need a compelling vision of the future at the critical moment, the future is not fixed.(continue…)

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