International Affairs in the New Millennium: A Futures Perspective

by Sesh Velamoor


“The planet has enough to meet every human’s needs but not for every human’s greed”. M. K. Gandhi.

Mistaken and foolish notions about “saving” the planet have become the central focus of global efforts, whereas what is urgently needed is focus on humans “saving” themselves from extinction. The planet has been around for nearly 4.5 billion years and according to estimates is likely to be around for another 6 billion. It is important to note and heed the fact that 99.9 % of all that ever existed is now “extinct” and humans as a species are not exempt. The following is an attempt to outline the nature of the Mega Crisis, the attendant symptoms and causes in temporal scales that are “long term”, and an appeal to pause, rethink and help participate in and create a new paradigm to ensure survival going forward, provided it is not already too late.

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