New Windows onto New Worlds: Final Thoughts on the Future of Strategic Foresight

by Richard Hames



Set against the rich tapestry of mankind’s evolution on this planet our current era seems increasingly to be characterised (at least through Western eyes) by escalating turmoil and disquiet on so many different fronts. The scent of suffering and uncertainty hangs eerily in the air – the hint of fragrance perceptible only to those who have become attuned to a gnostic sensitivity informed by cross-cultural meme assimilation.
A feeling that our lives are spinning out of control is made all the more palpable by three overwhelming factors:

1. Asymmetric affluence in the post-industrial world compared to the crushing poverty, inequality and injustice experienced by citizens elsewhere.
2. Western hubris that allows empires in decline to believe it is their exclusive right to resolve all its autogenous problems – even if they had the capacity to do so. Which they do not.
3. Our willingness to give up serious public discourse in return for a media intent on diverting collective attention via a mix of sanitised news, entertaining pap and a seemingly endless parade of celebrities behaving badly.(continue…)

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