Work in Progress Report on the Relevance of Rediscovering the Australian Bush Mechanic as a Credible Chiro-pedagogical Modality of Critical Futures Praxis

by Paul Wildman


In the context of critical futures praxis (CFP) as outlined in Dick and Wildman (2011) and with the spotlight on sustainability, globally and nationally, now is a key time to report on the development of a re-new-ed approach to critical futures praxis or ‘futuring’. This approach explores the uniquely Australian futuring concept of the ‘bush mechanic’. I have been researching this idea and associated phenomenon in the field and in the library since 2000, through an independent action research program. Drawing learning insights from field notes made over a four year period working alongside several bush mechanics was a key part of this action research. Then, under the ‘wing’ of Bob Dick, I applied grounded theory in order to identify commonalities—in terms of key categories or principles in process—between the bush mechanics participating. The research resulted in six principles, listed below, as well as various publications and the development of a public domain website where this research is available. The ‘bush mechanic’, or artificer approach to futuring is one that this research indicates has immediate practical relevance and outcomes for practitioners, their work and children, in individual, family, organisational and community environments.

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