Coda: Communicating Futures – An Uncommon Urge

by Scott Smith


Last August, I had a sudden, but possibly fortuitous, change in plans. I had been set, along with a colleague, to deliver a paper in Istanbul to the Yeditepe International Research Conference on Foresight and Futures 2011 on the value of ludic foresight—being playful in collaborative constructions of possible futures. Due to some last minute issues offstage, that paper wasn’t finalized and I stopped short to visit London for a series of meetings. However, instead of Istanbul in person, I found myself amidst the remote participants of the same event—tucked in a central London meeting room with Dr. Noah Raford, and the majority of Superflux, with Anab Jain, Jon Ardern and Justin Pickard. Bound together with us electronically were Dr. Wendy Schultz of Infinite Futures and Dr. Jake Dunagan of the Institute for the Future. All in all, quite an assembly of brain power and creativity.

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