The Common Futures of India and Pakistan: A New Approach

by Gautam Wahi


India and Pakistan have been the most uneasy neighbors with their relationship being entangled in troubled common histories, an unresolved territory dispute, competitive posturing on terrorism and a perceived sense of being wronged by the other. The paper looks to build on the shared history and culture of the region and build a positive futures by means of Causal Layered Analysis. The CLA method has been used to shatter the age old myths and craft a new idiom for the neighbors by giving up on fratricidal animosity and crafting a unified futures as joint stakeholders for the region’s development. The paper seeks to unravel the layers of popular thinking and to inquire deeper into its many Levels, from Systemic Understanding to those of Discourses and Worldviews finally leading us into Myth and Metaphor. The paper then reconstructs the desirable futures by building upwards from newly crafted metaphors, positive Discourses, rational Worldviews onto a rechristened shared litany.

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