James A. Dator: The Man Who Beats the Drum for Futures Studies

by Wendell Bell


I think it was in 1991 at the Hawaii Judicial Foresight Congress in Honolulu. Jim Dator was a major speaker—if not the keynote speaker—before a very large audience. After he was introduced, Jim walked to the podium and, as the audience quieted down, he stood for a moment or two looking at the assembled crowd. Then, suddenly, he dropped straight down and disappeared behind the podium. Instantly, all eyes in the conference auditorium became riveted on that empty podium. Everyone was wondering what had happened to him. A few long seconds passed in silence. Then, up popped Jim from behind the podium. He was wearing mock rabbit’s ears on his head and was furiously beating a small tin drum. He had turned himself into the Energizer Bunny.(continue…)

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