The Future of Water Resource Management in the Muslim World

by Syeda Mariya Absar


This article provides an insight into water availability and usage in the Muslim world, based on the global data on water consumption and availability with respect to specific geographical regions and an extensive literature review to categorize the regions with similar socio-economic and hydro-geological make up into distinct water zones. Causal Layered Analysis futures technique is used to examine the way water has been valued and managed, and the systems and worldviews that have influenced the current human-water relationships in the Muslim world. The zones and their inherent water paradigms are then contrasted with emerging international perspectives and trends that might herald a change in the way water is managed in the Muslim world. Finally Muslim religious philosophy and the importance of water is revisited as a potential linchpin that could influence future policies and begin to answer some of the water demand challenges these nations face in the 21st century.

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