Foresight Work as Bridge Building: Poetry, Presence and Beyond

by Marcus Bussey


In this piece-meal essay I wish to make a case for futurist as bridge builder. By this I mean  that the futurist enables those in contexts to begin to move in directions that are optimal visà-vis the goals of their organisation or community. The construction of such pathways, as  bridges, to the future is a work of hands, heads and hearts and thus requires craft, theoretical  knowledge and love. This amalgam comes together and is expressed as a form of practical  imagination in which the futurist holds a creative space that enables clients to see things, as  the poet Wallace Stevens said, “beyond us, yet ourselves”. It is this seeing things ‘beyond us’  that enables a richer sense making to come into effect and opens up reality to alternatives that  generate multiple possibilities and offer a greater level of congruence between aspiration and  the everyday.(continue…)

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