Offering the Reference Model of Backcasting Approach for Achieving Sustainable Development

by Fatemeh Saghafi, Alireza Aliahmadi, Seyyed Sepehr Ghazy Noori & Mansoureh Hourali


Backcasting approach is implemented through imagination and analysis of sustainable futures,  and subsequently developing strategies for participation in competitive markets. It is a novel approach  which is employed by only a few countries. Diversity of trends and lack of a reference model on the  one hand, and its application for solving complex problems on the other hand, were the motivation to  conduct the present study. In this study, 11 frameworks and some experiences of it’s application have  been reviewed and the reference model was proposed through a meta-synthesis method. The results  led to a two-dimensional model and indicated that backcasting approach can be followed in 6 stages  and 4 scientific dimensions for achieving a sustainable development.

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